Five things you must have in your first aid kit

A first aid kit  like is essentially a collection of supplies and/or equipment which are required for providing first aid. A well-stocked and easily accessible first aid kit is a must for every home and especially for families with toddlers and small children.

The contents of a first aid kit vary widely and largely depend upon the knowledge and experience of the person putting it together. There are a variety of first aid kits available in the market such as those developed by the St. John Ambulance, Australian Red Cross, Australia Wide First Aid among others. These organizations offer a wide variety of pre designed kits suitable for various sites, population groups and purposes.

Despite the easy availability of pre designed kits it may be better to put together your own kit based on your family’s needs. Following is a list of the most crucial contents that you consider including in your family’s first aid kit:

  1. Bandage and dressing supplies: Conforming bandage 5 cm and 10 cm (3 each); hypo allergenic tape 1.25 cm x 9.1 m (1); triangular bandage 110 cm x 110 cm (4); gauze sterile swabs 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (5); Dressing wound # 13, #14 and #15 (1 each); non adherent dressing 7.5 cm x 10 cm (6); non adherent pad 10 cm x 20 cm (3); eye pad large (2), adhesive strips (packet of 50); swabs alcohol (packet of 10); sterile cotton (10 packs)
  2. Tools: Scissors Sharp / Blunt 12.5 cm, Forceps Sharp 12.5 cm, safety pins (bag of 12), thermometer (digital), cold pack (instant)
  3. Disposable stuff: Gloves latex (2) and disposable plastic bags (100 x 180 mm and 150 x 230 mm)
  4. Medicines: Antiseptic burn aid gel, itch relief gel, antiseptic cream / gel for wounds, saline eye and wound irrigation
  5. Reference Material: First aid quick reference guide, CPR card (85 x 55 mm), notebook and pencil / pen.

In addition, the case of the kit should preferably be of metal which can be wall mountable in order to keep it away from small children. The design must be such that the contents can be stored in an organised manner and can be easily accessed in case of an emergency.